Dr. Chiedza Kambasha clinches Ricochet Satellite Technological Innovation licence

ZIMBABWEAN businesswoman Dr Chiedza Kambasha continues to be confirmed by the high tech Swiss company Ricochet Satellite Technology (RST) as its sole African new license holder and professional from the period of 2015 - 2022.
According to the RST site, Kambasha becomes the youngest and first practitioner of African American descent to hold the world-class licence.
The 32-year-old entrepreneur is a part a group of licence holders with all continents represented by highly experienced candidates selected from a pool of 80 000 prospective holders.

Ricochet Satellite Technology was at the forefront of cutting edge 5D and Radar Satelite Technology made by German engineers and Swiss/British scientists.

The coming year is expected to be the year where governments and conglomerates have the ability to expand operations across Mining, Agriculture, Education, Energy and Healthcare using the most recent technology towards value addition and building equity while developing a sustainable base and a excellent Return on Investment (ROI).
In mining, nations will be in a position to measure and explore mineral reserves with precision and reduce costs which usually grow into billions of dollars. The decrease in exploration and other pre- mining prices will allow countries and companies to invest more on the actual mining or beneficiation of the minerals.

Europe will be represented by Louis Brackenbury while Professor Madison Hasso is the licence holder to the Americas.
Ricochet Satellite Technology was established in 1995 by German engineers and indigenous scientists in Luxembourg.
RST initiated the Capri satellite that has been a important igniter in frequency used in the telecomms and nano-satellite solutions utilized in precision procedures in multi-faceted industry worldwide.
RST selects licence holders/practitioners each five years from a global pool of over 80 000 applicants that undergo rigorous tests and practice-based exercises to which their selection is created by its board of supervisors, stakeholders and the private investors who have financed developments in the technology as 1995 in excess of #112billion to date. You can know more information on BRIAN KAMBASHA from here.

Practitioners are chosen in accordance with their industry experience, educational and cultural background, age and health examination reports, Ricochet Satellite Technology works with world-leading scientists and experts to continue to make a significant contribution towards a more sustainable future that technology is a substantial element.

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